The Foundation is developing innovative, research-based interventions driven by insights culled from workgroup interchanges between prime movers. We are fostering direct interaction between a broad spectrum of key organizations.


“The act of safeguarding and enhancing the capability of the organization to create economic and societal value over time”


Inspiring Stewardship

Today, ownership of firms is increasingly fragmented, investment structures are more and more complex and the time horizons of investors, executives and owners do not always coincide.

Inspiring Stewardship is a thought-provoking guide to making decisions toward positive social impact, maintaining growth and adaptability in order to expand a company’s value in the long term.

Transform from leader to steward to drive growth and make an impact.



Boards and Stewardship

Are failed boards structured significantly differently? Board structures are more or less the same in any regulatory environment – the mechanism of governance that relates to gender diversity, board size, independence, board meetings, CEO duality, director compensation and ownership are similar for most companies. Failed boards might not be as different as one might imagine.

The Conflict of Interest Faced by Board Directors

Conflicts of interest abound at the board level. They constitute a significant issue in that they affect ethics by distorting decision making and generating consequences that can undermine the credibility of boards, organisations or even entire economic systems.

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